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Jul 10, 2011 10:00am EDT
the edges. we should actually fix it so we don't have this big problem which everybody knows is coming. the virtual consensus among economists is that we will have a debt crisis comparable to what greases having today. we want to do something bold that fixes the country and this is that rare opportunity. >> what about the $4 trillion plan that lawmakers have been talking about this week? it does not sound like that would satisfy the criteria? >> we don't know what the $4 trillion is. we hear about that over so many years. we don't know any of the details. that may be part of the cuts and the cap as we go forward. we think you have to look at this away a normal american family would look at this. cuts in the short term and cuts to make sure we are doing a dump and on this problem and the cap means we go forward and don't exacerbate the problem in coming years and then the real fundamental process requiring the federal government to do what every family has to do and every business has to do, have a balanced budget. we think that makes the most sense. >> does that have to be part of this
Jul 24, 2011 10:00am EDT
for and creating an awful lot of debt. not paying for two wars. not paying for big rates, big cuts to forma, medicaid. not paying for to act -- for tax cuts. the president found himself $10 trillion in hole in dealing with the worst recession since the great depression, as well as having to come up with money for a recovery. where did those moneys go? most of them went to help states and municipalities. many used that to stabilize states with a stimulus package that many, including myself, did not think was strong enough to sustain economic recovery. we saw it, no matter how fragile, with the small recovery that we had. one-third of the money of a $1 billion package was utilized to help states and municipalities balance their budgets. one-third of the money, the largest tax cuts, went out in the history of the country. people did not really notice it. they started getting extra in their paycheck, but there was nothing in there that said -- this is a big tax cut for you. in one-third of it was used in infrastructure programs. not enough, in my estimation. certainly when we look at the constr
Jul 17, 2011 10:00am EDT
is very important. one of the big issues that is breaking through into washington is the courage breing case -- boeing case. it is a way for union members to trash the nlrb in washington and labor is funded difficult to keep those jobs. president obama ducked a question about it. he has not taken the side of labor or washington state. are you disappointed in his leadership on this issue? guest: not really because he sent the message to the two parties boeing and labor and the union was to settle this out of court. it is best done of you work together. when that was filed, it is on the heels of a very difficult strike. alas two years, the relationship between boeing and management and labour and the union is dramatically increased. i just announced $3 million in training for aerospace and that will increase production. we need a skilled and trained work force. boeing and labour said that would work together to get those skilled people. they both went to the paris air show with me. >> boeing boeing still wants a plant in south carolina and now washington. does that concern you? guest: we
Jul 31, 2011 10:00am EDT
a little bit about the big month coming up in iowa in august. there's a lot going on in the gop primary. kenya handicap the race for us, and specifically handicap the straw poll, as you see it now, a couple of weeks out? >> first of all, it is a very fluid situation. last time, romney won the strong pull, but the iowa caucus was won by huckabee. things are wide open, and romney is not competing. he is the national front runner, but not competing. so you have a wide open situation. congressman michele bachmann was born and raised in iowa. i think she got off to a good start. governor pawlenty, although we has not done well in the polls, may surprise people. he may do better than expected. also, ron paul is going to be competitive in this. herman cain. rick santorum. recently, rick perry. although he is not on the ballot, there is an effort to get right-in votes for him -- write-in votes for him. again, the straw poll is not the caucus. i expect it will be an open and fluid situation, and obviously, people will do better than expectations. could give them a real boost for the iowa caucuse
Jul 31, 2011 6:00pm EDT
without as well. -- washington, d.c. as well. >> i want to talk about the big month coming up in iowa in august. there's a lot going on in the g.o.p. primary. can you handicap the race for us a little bit in iowa and specifically handicap the straw poll, as you see it now, a couple of weeks out? >> well, first of all, it's a very fluid situation. as you know, the last time romney won the poll but then the iowa caucuses was won by governor huckabee. since huckabee decided relatively late not to run, things are wide open. and romney is not competing in the straw poll. so, you know, the two -- romney is the national frontrunner but not competing in the straw poll. so you've got a wide open situation. congressman michelle bachmann was born and raised in iowa. i think she got off to a really good start here. governor pawlenty, the former governor of minnesota, although he's not done well in the polls, he may surprise some people i think he may do better than people expect. also, you got ron paul, who's going to be competitive in this. herman cane. rick santorum. just recently rick perry, a
Jul 3, 2011 10:00am EDT
it is not a big deal to read -- increased taxes during a recession. the democrats think the rich should have more a burden. we already have a progressive tax cause of the rich to pay more in taxes. if they want the rich to have more of a burden in trying to figure out how to correct the debt problem, one way we could do it which is a common ground is means testing on benefits. that would allow the rich to absorb more of a burden and would allow them to pay more for their medicare and i think this would please the democrats and it would be the compromise because republicans, most of us don't want to raise taxes but we would accept the risk having more of the burden by reducing their benefits. >> the tax code is pretty complicated. we keep hearing suggestions about delaying the decision making and doing a temporary measure. would you support a temporary fix to tackle the bigger subjects? >> i was part of a group this week that said no more, we are tired about talking about extraneous issues. there was not one minute of debate about the death still in any committee. we have not had a budget in two y
Jul 3, 2011 6:00pm EDT
't. i wrote that this week monday. i don't see the impetus. i see the threat of a big problem. but i do not see the parties moving beyond their entrenched positions. in fact, i would characterize this week as a week of entrenchment and deepening the difference. if you want to use a military metaphor, digging trenches deeper. the president's press conference was about establishing the democratic point of view and pushing it out. there was a bit of jawboning with republicans that did not go over well. you cannot create an atmosphere for creating a deal by suggesting your opposition party leaders in congress are less disciplined than 10 and 13-year- old. things are in a much tougher position and i do not see the end game. >> i would agree on the point that you throw like a girl is not the way to get people to come to your side. nor is it a 21st century thing to say. i think these guys are stumbling and bumbling. it reminds me of "thelma and louise." these guys are screaming at each other and don't even know the cliff is there and to the extent they do, they have forgotten about it. if ther
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)